Etsy Wholesale

A b2b marketplace for retailers and experienced sellers.

  • User Experience
  • Frontend Development
  • Product Strategy

Etsy wholesale was a private juried marketplace for retailers to source unique handmade items from experienced wholesale sellers.

I joined the team as the first product designer, and worked closely with the product manager to steward the product from beta release in 2013 through to the public launch in August 2014.

Finding Items They'll Love

Search is the primary item discovery tool for buyers. Search results are displayed using linesheet cards. These cards show up to three items from a seller’s line that match the buyers search term, and the seller's first order minimum amount. We learnt through user research that these two pieces of information were critical to buyers when deciding on what to purchase.

Stock Your Shelves With Meaning

At Etsy we care deeply about the items sold in our marketplace and the people who make them. It is what makes our marketplace unique. The same is true of Etsy Wholesale, where each seller has a space to showcase their items and tell the story behind them.

Streamlined Ordering

One of the biggest challenges was translating the pen and paper purchase process into an intuitive online experience. Our goal was to clearly communicate the current state of the order and what if any steps had to be taken next.


Etsy Wholesale was sunset in July 2018.