Braid was a platform for pooling, managing, and spending money.

I was responsible for user experience across Braid from mobile and web apps to the physical debit card.

  • User Experience
  • User Research
  • Prototyping
  • Product Strategy
  • Art Direction
A composition showing the Braid Android App, Braid iOS app, and the Braid debit card.

Revamping the Design System

The previous design system used a stark monochrome color scheme and small type, which created usability issues. To remedy this I introduced a larger type scale along with an accessible vibrant color palette. These changes made the app feel assertive yet approachable.

I then partnered with our engineers to build an extensive library of components that allowed for rapid development of new views and flows.

A selection of UI components used to construct views in the Braid app.

Original Braid identity by Berger & Föhr.

Applying the System

I lead a comprehensive redesign of the mobile apps, updating key flows like user registration, KYC, and pool onboarding. The cumulative effect of these improvements was a significant increase in the number of new users with funded pools.

A selection of views from the Braid app showcasing the revamped design system.

Illustrations by Paula Cruz.

Introducing Pool Links

Pool Links was one of the most impactful features I designed at Braid. We developed Pool Links to allow pool organizers to collect money quickly and securely from contributors without requiring them to sign up for Braid.

Activate Pool Link Flow

The activate Pool Link flow from the Braid app.

Illustration by Paula Cruz.

Manage Pool Link Views

Manage Pool Link settings from the Braid app.

Contribute with Pool Link Flow

The Pool Link contribution flow in the browser.

User Feedback

We were thrilled to see how enthusiastically people responded to Braid. Some notable use cases were funding a parade float, a family fitness challenge kitty, a swear jar, and a public land protocol.

Makes splitting money SO much easier!

I am so glad I discovered Braid, it’s made splitting funds between my ex and I so much easier. We have separate bank accounts but share our dog and those expenses are annoying to go back and forth on.

—Kat L.

Best way to easily share accounts

has made splitting costs and managing expenses between me and my husband so easy! We started using it for that and it went so well I’m also using it with my friends now for other shared expenses and splitting things.


Joint account on steroids

… I originally started to use it with 4 of my friends and my husband as a Venmo replacement but have discovered all of the other cool features make it so that we basically use it as a slush fund for “quarantime” takeout.


Saved me time

Had to set this up for an event in December and this saved me a ton of time. Recommend to any house organizer or treasurer.


Easy to use, easy setup process, very straightforward user experience (which can't always be said about fintech apps). A lot of life situations where this can be a very useful tool and more efficient than social payment apps.

—Andrew C.


Braid sunset in summer 2023. By then 150k pools had been started and $25m pooled.